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killin' time killin' time
why are all virgos fucking psycho


The ungodly laugh I just produced was intense




i cant even describe my love for these beauties

"La profecía del aguila y el condor" by Juan Carlos Taminchi
hey this is askulloffoxes don’t steal her photoszz 

gave you my heart but you wanted my soul

dont think twice its alright

haven’t taken this off since I got it. Gonzoeglass

holy shit i need to smoke a blunt like asap

i have a pineapple white owl calling my name!!!!

need da weedies 

I can’t wait for my jnutz glass to get here!!! Love the purple he used

Happy Shatterday (≖ω≖✿)
doodle to death. No one is at work. It’s been 45 mins I’ve had 1 customer. Save me SOS.