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!find all the mutants! !find all the mutants!

shut the fuck up
Holy shit. I go to my okcupic acct and check the messages for shits and giggles sometimes. And this dude sees my “fight off your demons” tattoo and realized I like the band Brand New. Homeboy tried toooo fuckin hard. Cute but…noooo.


2010 was a such good summer for windows-down driving

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sandblasted glass feel sooo wrong to touch its like a fuckin chalkboard. some sand blasted pieces are hella clutch but daaayum yo they don’t feel nice at all haha

it makes me feel better knowing there are skinny people who are out of shape as well as fat people who are out of shape cuz being “in shape” is whatever YOU choose to mean it to be, there are pleanty of skinny ppl who can’t run a mile without hacking up a lung just remember just cuz someone is thin doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also healthy¬†



Taro // Alt-J

My favourite song ever

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taintedlips asked:

I love love love your blog! And you're energy. You're great

you’reee the sweetest! thank you kind soul, i always enjoy seeing your posts on my dash as well <3 muchh love stay faaded



“Made You A Mixtape, It’s Songs That Sound The Way I Imagine You Taste”