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!find all the mutants! !find all the mutants!
Anonymous asked:

Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do


Those Opals 

i was on the popular page on instagram in Brazil and Kazakhstan i just got a fuck ton of hot foreign followers hahaha


Matt Craven Evans @craventattooer
Photograph by Steffen Reichle, National Geographic Your Shot

omfg its a buncha fuggin butterflies!!
Photograph by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers, National Geographic

Moose Blood - Boston (Acoustic)


Can’t believe this talon is all mine
i’m genuinely shocked!!!! my home state is the first in the South to legalize same sex marriage, can you fucking believe it?! everyone thought VA would be one of the last, turns out we’re pulling in a pretty young and hip crowd! i FEEL SO PROUD.


Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)

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Tuesday Toker promo~


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m0nster9 AND shesmokesherb
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