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cool raindrops by Zsaj


Sophie Lee


If that isn’t some sexy septum jewelry I don’t know what is. 16g, 5/16 Odyssey septum clicker with amethyst CZs handset in bronze anodized titanium from Industrial Strength. Look at the shine on those gems and that implant grade titanium with a surface finish so fine you can see yourself in it. Always made in the US, always implant grade, and always guaranteed for life.


The universe began with a great outpouring of cosmic breath.Artist: Emily Kell

Krisztina Lazar

Still up and dabbing. @BenzoGlass mini cup (10mm) and @JulieSteffey #bubblestick. @OilSlick pad and slab.

While I was out on my morning jog the other day I stumbled on these beautiesā

arguing with dumb fucking rednecks on facebook about Ferguson and Mike Brown is exhausting, what did i get myself into!? but i can’t just sit back and watch someone make a racist, completely idiotic statement and expect no backlash. i srsly loathe half of my town. you’re all a buncha dumb fucks.

does anyone know where i could get some beautiful septum clickers? i want that all gold, all silver jaunt too. gimme ideas!?